PACCAR Genuine Parts

PACCAR Genuine Parts

Are you looking for parts for your DAF truck or PACCAR engine? Look no further than our Genuine Parts. Using the latest technology, first-class materials and our many years of experience, we put the emphasis firmly on optimum performance and excellent fuel efficiency. Our Genuine Parts also satisfy the strictest environmental standards.

The benefits of Genuine Parts

Choose our Genuine Parts and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compliant with the strictest safety, performance and environmental standards
  • Parts that are 100% tailored to your DAF truck
  • Complementary parts guaranteed to function perfectly together
  • Reliability though comprehensive testing
  • Lower maintenance costs per kilometre
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • Technicians with many years of experience, expertise and service
  • DAF full warranty, both on parts and on labour costs
  • Your truck will remain in top condition and deliver optimum performance!

DAF Accessories

DAF accessories are another element of our Genuine Parts range. The accessories range covers everything from merchandising to easy drive, and from alu-wheels to seat covers, giving you scope to fully customise your truck and give it that personal touch. You can give each DAF truck a unique look and feel as well as increasing comfort and driving pleasure for the driver.

Call our truck sales department for factory fitted options, or our parts department for purchase and retrofit information.

DAF Accessories
DAF Lubricants

DAF Lubricants

Our range of DAF Lubricants has all the high-quality oils you need. Is top performance the most important to you? Or maybe it's fuel economy? Whatever your priority, our range, which includes both mineral oils and synthetic oils, has the perfect product for you.

Need Parts?

Need Parts?

Discover the many advantages of the DAF Webshop now! Via the user-friendly web shop you can quickly and efficiently order your DAF and TRP parts.

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